Last Update
Some projects from Fall 2013. Brand design for GhostFood, a performance & food truck exploring ideas about climate change‘s effect on foods. GhostFood...
Illustrations for the Op-Ed page, Week in Review, Book Review, and Magazine.
Data visualization and information graphics.
FOAM Magazine Art direction, December 2010–November 2011 WSJ Magazine December 2010 Refresh for Editor-in-Chief Deborah Needleman’s first...
Image making & illustration for various clients.
From 2012–2013, I worked with Dwell magazine as their senior editorial designer, then later as a design consultant. Under the creative direction of Alejandro...
The Daily Good
In collaboration with the fine folks at GOOD, this redesign of their daily newsletter and digest features a rotating color palette and a mini-infographic, and...
Psychic Store
Documenting psychic storefronts, ongoing. View the project here
Lift Identity
Identity system for Lift, formerly known as National Student Partnerships. Process Designed with Rumors and Rob Giampietro.
Barometer identity
Identity design for Barometer, an eclectic jewelry and vintage object boutique in Tribeca.
Ohne Titel invitations
Invitations for runway shows for luxury womenswear designers Ohne Titel. The design of each season's invitation is an interpretation of the textures, materials and...
New Age Graphics Vol. 1
New Age Graphics Vol. 1: Energy Systems ("Vibes") Credits 56 pages, spiral bound, laminated cover for The Library of Sacred Technologies at Signify,...
Rock Paper Show
Art direction and design for Rock Paper Show, Flatstock Volume 1. Rock Paper Show is a compilation of posters created for Flatstock, the American Poster...
Cleopatra's Trade Secrets
Catalogue for "Trade Secrets", a project by Cleopatra's at John Connelly Presents. The project involved four art objects made by four different artists juxtaposed...
New York Times magazine
Design for the weekly New York Times magazine. Art direction & design for special issues. Design director: Arem Duplessis Art director: Gail Bichler
American Craft magazine website
Website for American Craft magazine. Designed with Rumors.
Brooklyn Based
Identity, web and email design for Brooklyn Based. Designed with Rumors. Email logo icon set
Website design for Brokelyn, a blog about recession-proof living in Brooklyn. Designed with Rumors. Logo by our friends at The Heads of State.
Very Short List
Identity, website and email design for Very Short List. Designed with / while working at Number 17. Diagrams & Graphics Daily Emails...
A Natal Chart for a new beginning: Where I was on January 1, 2009. For the unpublished second issue of "Hippy Shit".
Type Photogram
Hand-cut stencil type projected onto photo paper.
Blame it on my Wild Heart
Image for a Fleetwood Mac compilation I created. Download it here Check out this review on the Fader Blog
Silkscreen print, 3 colors, 12" x 16"
Crazy superpattern proposal for the invites for Ohne Titel's Winter 2010 collection.
Ovoo Altar
Ovoo Altar #1 for CCOOLL
CalArts t-shirt
Tshirt design for Calarts
Printing Out the Internet
Encode identity
Identity system for Encode, a networking systems company. Designed while working at Flat.
A Guide to Bearded Irises
Design for A Guide to Bearded Irises by Kelly D. Norris for Timber Press. Creative director: Jeff Glendenning.
ForYourArt/Pacific Standard Time
ForYourArt, The Getty Foundation, and LAXART joined curatorial forces to produce the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival in early 2012. The...
Mirror | Me
Layout for a collaborative zine created by Brenden Stousey and Kai Althouff and published by Primary Information Via Primary Information: This...
Cali Dewitt This Natural World
Two-color 20-page riso catalogue for Cali's 2010 solo exhibit of photo grids and collages at Family Gallery. Published by Family.
Artist Music Journal
Design of the general format for Artist Music Journals, a monthly series of artist books published by Soundscreen Design. Each book fits in a 10" record jacket...
Space 1026 collaborative zine
Hello God? Are You There? It's Me, Space 1026 Design for cover and interior flaps for this collaborative artist zine with other members of Philadelphia's Space...
Real Life Magazine anthology
Real Life Magazine: Selected Projects and Writing, 1979-1994 is a reprinted compilation of the artist magazine, produced by Primary Information. REAL LIFE...
American Idiot proposal
Pitch for an off-Broadway adaptation of Green Day's "American Idiot"
Design for Craftivity, a book about crafting. Designed with Flat. Jacket design by Kathleen Burchell.